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Melinda Means

Melinda Means, BA, CPLC
Certified Professional Life Coach


Phone: 941-916-2799

Published Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Life Coach and Women's Ministry Director

Melinda is an Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Life Coach and Women's Ministry Director. She received her B.A. in Mass Communications from Taylor University in Indiana and earned her coaching certification from the Christian Coach Institute.

Melinda's heart and ministry grew from the ways God has worked in her own life as she's fought chronic illness, raised a special needs child, faced difficult parenting challenges and grappled with mental health issues with family members. She knows that it is possible to live a full life despite challenging circumstances. Her heart is to walk with women through the challenges of life and help them discover and realize their potential and purpose.

She is the co-author of Mothering from Scratch: Finding the

Best Parenting Style for You and Your Family and author of

Invisible Wounds: Hope While You're Hurting, a book that

gives encouragement and hope to those in seemingly

unending pain—whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Melinda has coached women through the process of making

better decisions; becoming better leaders; simplifying their

lives; getting "unstuck"; dealing with uncertainty; developing

spiritually and setting and reaching their goals.


Philosophy of Christian Coaching:


Christian Coaching is a partnership of three: client, God in the center and coach. With your input and the Spirit's direction, I will ask questions that will challenge you to dig deeper and make perspective-changing realizations about yourself, your relationships and/or your future. I will encourage you to discover God's vision for your life and move from following your own agenda to pursuing God's purposes.

All coaching involves making changes. Following the Holy Spirit's leading is the key to lasting transformation and often means changes in attitudes, thinking, perceptions or behavior. As you take action to reshape yourself based on what you've learned through the Spirit-led coaching process, you will move toward increased self-confidence, clearer direction and greater fulfillment.  


Looking at the following sections, please identify which of these conditions, issues, and ages match your particular expertise, educated ability, comfort level, or are conditions, issues, and ages that you currently choose to coach. (More detail can be added or additional areas listed if necessary. We want to show all of the areas you personally work in.)


Topics Coached:

Melinda can coach you on any area where you'd like to have more clarity, purpose, progress or fulfillment. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Making better decisions

  • Simplifying your life

  • Addressing transitions

  • Discovering and developing Passions

  • Developing a closer walk with God

  • Getting unstuck and moving forward

  • Building communication skills

  • Improving relationships

  • Finding a life purpose

  • Getting free of self-sabotaging behavior and destructive self-talk

  • Setting and reaching specific goals in ministry or career


Ages Coached:


Teens, Young and Adult Women

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