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A Session With The Counselor

The Official Life Coaching and Counseling Radio Show


Here at Life Coaching and Counseling Centers we're always seeking to find new ways to connect with the community and help those we serve. Below you will find our radio shows listed and ready to be listened to right on your device. 


As Jim always says, "Buckle your seatbelts; you've caught me on a blunt day!" Here for your listening pleasure is A Session With The Counselor.

The Power of Encouragement

Suffering, Enduring, and Christian Coaching

Mercy & Forgiveness

The Mindset of a Champion

Understanding Adoption 

Parenting with The Job Description

Parenting with The Job Description - Its Effectiveness

New Year's Resolutions

& the Power of Coaching

Help! My Relatives are Coming for Christmas.

Effective Communication Part One

Effective Communication Part Two

The Benefit of Counseling for Christians

Valentine's Day & All About Love

The Root of Shame

Helping You Navigate Life's Most Difficult Roads.

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