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Adell Claypool

Adell Claypool, MMusEd, MSPR
Board Certified Biblical Counselor
    Phone: 941-916-2222

Adell H. Claypool, MMusEd, MSPR, is a board certified biblical counselor holding degrees from Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan; VanderCook College of Music, Chicago, Illinois; and American University, Washington, DC.  Her professional experiences include teaching all ages from first grade through college level students, and involve working privately with them as well as collectively in larger settings for 35 years.  This was accomplished in private school settings where religious and spiritual concerns could be dealt with in addition to family, parenting, and related issues.

Adell worked nine years in hospital settings after acquiring a graduate degree in public relations.  Her more recent educational pursuits through the Amercian Association of Christian Counselors and her experiences relevant to care-giving and multiple family losses, give her further insight into the areas relating to grief, divorce, forgiveness, and interpersonal relationships.


“Although most of my professional experience has been in the teaching field, music was only a tool to reach students’ inner self and help them discern their own infinite possibilities, inspiring hope, trust, and appreciation for God’s leading in their lives.  It is my effort in counseling to continue this goal, bringing each counselee to the point where he/she recognizes God’s desire for their lives as well.”

Philosophy of Christian Counseling:


Every human being is endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator—individuality, power to think and to do.  I believe it is the duty of the Christian counselor to guide each counselee into developing this power so that he/she bears responsibilities, becomes a leader, and influences character.  It is the work of true counseling to give each person confidence and know-how to work out problems within their own lives, helping them to face the practical realities of life—its responsibilities, its defeats, and its successes.  Christian counseling helps the individual become the master of circumstances and capable of coping with what life offers.


Conditions Treated:


Depression/Mood, Grief/Loss, Adolescent/Child/Young Adults, Education Problems, Impulse Control, Elderly Problems, Relationship Problems.


Issues Treated:


Emotional: Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Anger.

Relational: Partner, Family, Child, Employer/Employee.

Situational: Health, Occupational, Financial, Role or Age Changes.


Ages Treated:


Children, Adolescents, Teens, Adults, Seniors

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